casting director & acting teacher


“I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I recently booked and shot my first commercial. I wanted to thank you for your class, as it made me realize that the more fun you have with sides, the better the outcome. I was talking to the producers and they said that I was one of the few who actually had energy and fun with the copy. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that.”


“I was thinking of you this week because an actor friend of mine is making a series for his YouTube channel about whether or not it’s necessary to go to acting school. We talked a lot about having a theater degree or not and the value of acting classes. I thought of you because of the first lesson we learned in your commercial class: ‘you are enough.’ It was the Ah-Ha! moment I needed. Your class, to this day, has been one of the most valuable classes I’ve ever taken. I always tell people that I took your “commercial” class, but it felt more like an acting class than any others I was taking at the time.


“When I started in the industry, I was told that your class was a “must take.” From the first day, the information you provided us was invaluable. This truly is an undergraduate degree in commercial acting! The added benefit is how incredibly kind you are, and that you want every actor in your class to succeed. I recommend your class to any actor who wants to learn from the best!”


“Your commercial class was outstanding! Thank you for your generosity in guiding us through the essentials of commercial auditioning. Our work together filled me with excitement for the journey ahead. I can’t get enough of how playful and precise this work can be. You have such an ease, kindness and joy in your direction. If you teach a Part II, we will all be there!”


“I had a commercial audition yesterday. The casting director told me multiple times, “Dipa, you’re so good.” Usually they give you a quick compliment and they’re done. But he kept saying it. David, your techniques worked (coil method for reading cue cards, specificity, taking control and not being a ‘polite actor’, etc)! I told him, ‘I took David Cady’s class.’” 😊


“Thank you for your invaluable lessons, for your kindness, support and mentorship. Being in your class has allowed me to hone in on my own authenticity and who I really am. I feel free, liberated, creative, imaginative, full of life, and more confident and reassured of my decision to just DO IT – focus on acting. I’m going to thrive, not survive.

And thank you for giving me, and the rest of the class, the opportunity to meet an agent and have a Q & A with her. It was very informative and helpful. And also busted the myth I had in my mind of what agents are like (I have the ‘Entourage’ agent character in my head!).

Thank you for being a part of my journey. for affirming my talent and my awesomeness. For being you. You have made a lasting impact on my life; you’re a gem of a human! Here’s to getting an agent, being a booking-machine, being a fear-killer, and making dreams reality.”


“Wanted to thank you for such a helpful and fun class. Funny enough, as soon as we started, my manager started sending me out on commercial auditions. I’ve been going on about one a week, and I’m sure I would not have half the confidence walking into those rooms if it were not for your class. I actually really look forward to the auditions now; I find them fun and playful, which are definitely not two words I would have used to describe any sort of auditioning a few months ago. Thanks again!”


“It has really been a privilege learning from you over the course of the summer. I admire your gentle-yet-effective approach to teaching, your patient encouragement to use our heads first but let our hearts shine. You have this steady way of letting the lesson unfold throughout a class, of showing and not telling, which I find completely riveting. (You likely gained a sense of my excitement by the way my pen flew across the page most nights.) You have completely reshaped my approach to commercial auditioning, and you did it with such optimism and grace. I couldn’t be more grateful…I also want to thank you for bringing [the agent] in on Thursday. That last class closed a gap for me…It was a great note on which to end the course.”


“I wanted to send you a huge thank you to bring in the New Year, because — thanks to what I learned in your class — I booked my greatest commercial to date. It’s a huge confidence booster, and one of the best feelings in the world. Better yet, when I went into the audition room, I had the classic experience of seeing a table full of head shots of people who looked a lot like me, yet something about ‘me’ was what got the job.

The director said of all the actors he’s ever worked with, that I delivered lines the most naturally, which obviously made more than just my day. I’m not trying to brag; the only reason I say this is because I believe he made those comments thanks to the things I picked up from your teaching. And for that, I am more than grateful.”


“You won’t believe this — I just had a meeting with an agent for commercial and VO, and they asked me to read copy COLD… and it was the GAP spot we worked on in class three years ago!!! Thank you for the prep, it came in handy! Like you said, it’s a career you have to build over the years. Your class continues to affect me in so many positive ways, even in 2019. Thank you.


“Thanks again for all the tips, insight, and wisdom you shared with me during our commercial class. What I learned from you has not only already helped me have better commercial auditions but also given me a more confident mindset about acting in general.”


“I just wanted to write to you because I had my first legit commercial audition today for Microsoft, and I have to thank you. It went REALLY well! I wasn’t nervous, I was super confident and took control over the room, I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing and I owe that your class. Thank you so much for being an awesome teacher.”


“I would just like to thank you for the help and guidance you have bestowed upon me.  To say that I have gained a wealth of information would not do your class any justice. Thank you for not only teaching me commercial acting but also helping me with my self-confidence and motivating me to be a better actor.  I truly appreciate your help and no nonsense straightforward talk.  I look forward to working with you in the future and hopefully surpassing your expectations.  I will tell everyone who seeks to be an actor about your classes!!”


“I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. Your style of teaching allowed me to be myself and just play. I learned skills about commercial acting which I definitely never knew before and would have made my auditions pretty laughable if I had shown up not knowing them. Thank you for your generosity, patience, and willingness to help us dig deeper. I am truly satisfied with what I have come away with and can’t wait to use it to expand my talent and continually keep discovering myself through this work.”


“I just wanted to send you an updated THANK YOU!  Well, if you can remember, I booked a commercial on my last day of class.  Since then, I have relocated to Los Angeles.  My first commercial audition in LA was in December and the CD was so impressed.  I didn’t book it, but we know how that goes.  My second commercial audition I did book.  That was in February.  April, I signed with an agent.  A week ago, I had my first commercial audition through my agency and I booked it!  So glad I took your class! Thanks for all you do.”


“I wanted to say thank you for the skills you’ve provided us with.  I just got back into town from shooting my first national commercial down in Miami, and it was a dream.  You clearly have the goods, because I was sharing a set with one of my classmates from your commercial classes.  So cool!  Thank you for being a great teacher.”


“Just wanted to pass along my thanks for your class.  I’ve been going in for commercials a lot the past 6 months or so, and your wisdom, advice, technique and support has been infinitely helpful as a baseline for all of those auditions, and has saved me from embarrassment in several others.

I had an audition today where I got unexpected copy, a one-liner repeated 3 different ways AND a silent improv all in a row.  Was prepared for and handled each one well.  I feel like I’m very close to pulling one of these things down, and you are to thank for that.”


“In late summer of 2014 a friend recommended your commercial acting class.  Though I’m a singer and have been performing for many years, my acting experience was limited to children’s theater with no on-camera experience at all.  Initially, I was intimidated because of my age and the fact that all of the other students in the class had so much more acting experience than I.  I remember the first time reading copy – I went last and looked everywhere but the camera.  I knew I had a long way to go but you never made me feel foolish or “less than.”  Your class is such a safe and supportive environment.  Since that first class I’ve studied with many other teachers in every aspect of on-camera performance including improv, sitcom, scene study, voice over and commercial acting.  With each class I‘ve come to realize that every single one of them was based on the very solid foundation you laid out for us in those first 8 weeks.  As a teacher/director/coach, you have a gift for “getting into my head” and giving me direction that is clear and meaningful, making it so much easier to connect to the copy.

David, I have no words to thank you for all you have given me simply by believing in me.  Your knowledge and expertise have been invaluable, and the solid foundation and tools that you offer in your classes and as a coach have helped me develop the confidence and skill that I need to build on that foundation.  And did I mention that I’m starting to book jobs?!  I believe I will always be your student – one role that I am very happy to play.”


“It has been such a pleasure to work with you.  Your class didn’t leave me feeling deflated, like my first commercial class years ago.  On the contrary, I felt empowered by my growth over the weeks.  This is truly a supportive (and no B-S) learning environment.  Thank for being a great teacher and for a lovely experience.”


“I just wanted to thank you for all of your advice, tips, and special tidbits into the commercial world that I had not known before.  It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you.  You gave me such a sense of ease and new found confidence when approaching commercials.  Also you reminded me of the joy of auditioning that I had in the beginning when I first moved to New York, but had slowly lost.  Those are our 30 seconds to do what we love and are meant to do!  It really hit me when you said we worry about failure, but are truly worried about success; anxiety about failure had become my comfort zone.  That was such a lightbulb that encouraged me to think in a new light.  So thank you for your insights that have given me a new appreciation and excitement for auditions and classwork.”


“Thank you so much for a great class.  I absorbed a lot of information.  What resonated the most with me was you telling us to “own” our auditions and to do what I need to do to be fully prepared in the room.  Also, the concept of not apologizing and that I wasn’t called in by accident really hit home.  It truly changed my belief system on my approach and I have you to thank for that.”


“Thank you for providing a wonderfully educational workshop for us at the Kimball Studio a couple of weeks ago.  Your illustrative stories, insightful feedback, and straightforward approach to the commercial industry afforded me the ability to approach and understand my own work differently — as a casting director or client would — and revisiting this material with you proved critical in solidifying that for me.  Having had the opportunity to work with you a few times now, I sense that you truly care about the work you do. You achieve a collaborative audition/learning environment because you care both about the process and the actor’s ability to freely take risks and do good work.  I noticed that you consider your teaching approach to be “empowering and actor-friendly”, and that is absolutely correct!  Class is not only informative and beneficial, it is FUN… so THANK YOU for reminding us why we do what we do, and for bringing joy to the process!”


“Your class had such a positive impact on me.  Now when I walk into an audition feeling nervous or thinking anything that takes away from doing my best, I remember what you asked me (one particular day I wasn’t feeling too confident after class).  “What’s the value of being nervous?” “What’s the value…?”  It’s such a simple question, and yet it has helped me to let go, have fun and feel in control when I’m in the room.  Thank you.”


“Just wanted to say how thankful I am for you and your class.  It gave me great practice, insight, and momentum, and I booked a commercial today!!  Yay!  I’m looking forward to keeping this ball a-rollin’!!”


“I just wanted to sincerely thank you for your fantastic commercial class.  I learned so much in such a short period of time.  Not only THAT – I was also grateful for your direct-ness (is that a word?) while still being kind.  That is a very rare quality in this biz nowadays, in my humble opinion.  And it truly meant a lot to me.”


“Just wanted to keep you updated: I started freelancing with [an agent] for commercials.  The first commercial they sent me on was [on a] Monday.  I received a callback on Wednesday.  Friday got an e-mail that I booked it!!  I definitely applied everything I learned in your class.  Thanks you so much for everything!  You are beyond awesome!”


“Thank you for teaching this class!  Even after the first day I felt like so much of the audition process had been demystified. I knew that I was going to learn a ton in the eight weeks and I definitely did!  I feel confident that I can go in the room now and know what to do.  I’m excited to try the things I’ve learned at auditions.  And thank you for your “way” with each of us in the class.  You were always honest and practical but still positive.  Because it’s sort of a new realm for me, I also really appreciated your encouragement.  The whole experience has been invaluable to me. Many, many thanks!!!!”


“Taking your class was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career pursuit. I feel so ready and can’t wait to get out there and put everything you taught us, into action. Thank you ever so much for your time, expertise and kindness. You’re simply the best!”


“I was so lucky to have found you while reading about commercial acting classes online this winter!   I so enjoyed the group of diverse and lovely students at different stages of their careers, and you instinctively knew how to work with all of us at our level and give us the confidence, knowledge and experience we needed to work in commercials.  You created a positive, supportive environment and I learned just as much from seeing others work and hearing your helpful feedback as I did from doing the work myself.  I liked that you covered so many aspects of the business as well as the acting work itself and had helpful hints galore.  The on-camera practice was invaluable and it was great that you set up some classes as actual auditions, so we would feel comfortable with what to expect.  Thank you for also generously making yourself available for the e-mail questions I had between classes and for reviewing my new headshots and giving me advice on which one was most effective.  As you know, within weeks of the class finishing, I was seen for a national network spot, and because of the work you did with us on improv and non-scripted auditions, I felt at home at my first commercial audition instead of nervous.  I still can’t believe I booked it, and I have you, David, to thank in so many ways!  You’re a master and a lovely human being.”


“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you gave our class over the past eight weeks. Not only did I come out of your class a better commercial actor with a strong grasp of the ins and outs of commercial auditions, but I came out a better actor.  I keep telling people about your class and saying that it’s not just a commercial class, it truly is an acting class!  AND, I booked THREE commercials while taking your class!  Each one of the three was a different audition situation: copy, improv, etc., and with each one I had your voice in my head reminding me what I’d learned and how to apply it.  You give so much as a teacher and I can’t express my gratitude enough, thank you!”


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU.  Thank you so so much for everything you taught me.  I just had my first commercial audition on Wednesday.  It was a non-verbal audition and I gave a KILLER audition and I booked it!!  I felt so prepared for the audition and everything went so smoothly.  I came in with absolute knowledge about the production company, their style and the type of work they do.  I was able to talk to them about the product and I killed it at the improv portion too!  Thank you for teaching me how to be a “smart actor.”


“You are one of the generous ones.  You are one of the giving ones.  You are definitely one of the memorable ones.  Thank you for being all three plus a whole lot more.  Watch out, because starting next week, your clients will start coming to you requesting ME — and this will all be because of you, your teaching, your generosity of spirit, your giving nature as a human being, and the way you go about asking the kind of questions that not only make us think, but put those thoughts into action.  I was totally kidding about your clients, but I am not kidding when I tell you that your class has been the most beneficial I have ever taken in all my years of schooling.  Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and person.”


“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the class.  I am in awe of how much of an impact you have made on me in such a short period of time.  Since week one, I have been in a trance of wanting to be my best self.  I have felt more alive in my industry than ever before, and I attribute it to the messages and principles you have not only taught us, but stand for.  Your class has taught me to love myself and not be afraid of that self-love and validation in all that I do.  You have made the acting world extremely appealing.”


“It’s been such a pleasure working with you, getting to know commercial acting and myself better through this great class you have. It’s my opinion that great teachers are defined by their ability to help you, not only in the specific craft they’re teaching, but to phrase the lesson in such a way that it expands out to help the student in their whole life and sense of themselves. Well, you did that for me in spades, putting yourself in the rockstar teacher category in my book. I’m really excited to start testing my wings on actual commercial auditions, but the self esteem boost and life perspective you’ve given me has been fantastically beneficial in my friendships, physical pursuits and romantic interests, so — THANK YOU!”


“Just wanted you to know that today I went to an audition and beforehand pulled out my notes that I took during class. I read over them and had the best audition I think I’ve ever had to date. No matter what comes of it, I feel like a better actor after that audition. Just wanted to let you know, again, how much I enjoyed learning from you.”


“The BEST CLASS EVER comes to mind!  As I said to you privately, you, sir, are a superb teacher.  You get our best because you not only expect it, but ask for it with love, not through humiliation and shame.  I tell every actor I meet about you and your class.  I think all your students do that.  I learned a rainbow of skill sets to tuck into my tool box of ‘how to’s’ and admit to feeling confident and relaxed in our last class’s ‘audition.’  I would never have imagined being that sure of the commercial process.  Crazy!  I was unable to fall asleep until well after two AM this morning.  Life at the edge is exhilarating!”


“Thank you so much for a great class. What a blast!  I came away feeling truly confident about my ability to audition for commercials.  My last three auditions have all yielded callbacks and it’s absolutely thanks to what I learned in your class. I couldn’t wait to get there every week because I knew I was getting better and better, but also because you make it so much fun. I laughed the entire time and what’s better than having fun while you’re learning? I would tell anyone looking for an on-camera class to RUN to yours. In fact, I wish I could just keep taking it!”


“I’m still high from your class!  What a fabulous, joyful and illuminating experience!! I learned so much from you, and the atmosphere was so completely safe and supportive. Also, I think you should give classes to other casting directors (tee-hee).  You are so completely on the actor’s side and so kind and caring.  THANK YOU!”


“I’ve been planning to write you for months since I finished your class. The reason it’s taken me so long is because I wanted to write about how much your class did for me, and I honestly learned so much that it was a daunting task. But something happened the other day and you were the first person that popped into my mind. An actor who was also in your class with me and I had an audition for a national commercial campaign and we KILLED IT! I don’t say that lightly. We went in, made strong choices, controlled the audition and allowed our true talent to shine through. IT WAS THE BEST COMMERCIAL AUDITION EXPERIENCE OF BOTH OF OUR LIVES. We talked about you as soon as we left. ‘We owned the room and didn’t apologize for what we wanted!’ ‘Yup,’ Jason said. ‘David Cady.’  I know that audition wouldn’t have happened if not for you and your generosity. I will continue to tell all of my friends about you and what you do, and more importantly how you do it… with LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and EASE. That is the mark of a great teacher. I know, I was one for years. Thank you for everything.”


“So, your class has been the most useful class I’ve taken in NYC.  I literally book commercials so often now I have to turn them down because the dates keep overlapping!!  There’s always room to grown, but your class was a springboard for me.  Thanks, dude!”


“Looking over my notes from class (and I have pages and pages of them!) I’m struck by how inspiring, motivating and positive they are.  The last month was not just about auditioning for commercials, but about a whole new approach to one’s career.  Thank you for your attention and care.”


“A huge thank you for the most amazing class.  From the moment I stepped into your studio, you made me feel comfortable, made me laugh, got me thinking, and most importantly, made me love and enjoy acting all over again.  I really have found a new confidence in myself and in my abilities by taking your class.  I feel ready to enter and conquer the commercial world.  Thank you for your guidance and for being the best cheerleader for all of us in the class.”


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for all the knowledge you’re imparting in class.  I’m truly enjoying myself and blown away by the amount I’ve learned in just three weeks.  Not all teachers are as caring, generous, encouraging or easygoing as you are, and it’s a true joy to experience.  You’re a consummate professional and genuinely care about what you’re doing.  I came to this class as a true rookie in regard to commercials and I feel my confidence increasing a lot already, and am starting to understand the process much better.  I just wanted to thank you, because I don’t think it can be said enough.”


“I took your commercial class last fall and wanted to thank you because I just booked my first job! It’s for Bounty Paper Towels. I play a young mom, and it shoots next week. I honestly could not have booked it without your class. Right before the audition, I reviewed my notes from class. When I arrived, I went over the copy, making sure to think like the client and find a way to connect to the material, making it personal. Did one take in the room, booked it, no callback needed! So thank you.”


“Were your ears burning today?  I was paired up in an audition with a fellow student of yours and we talked about how amazing you are.  I told him how you helped me triumph over my fear of commercials.  I love them now.  Reminded me of how grateful I am to you.  You’re an amazing, intuitive teacher.  You know how to find that very specific thing that clicks it all into place. When I first came to you I was terrified! And now it’s fun and an adventure to figure out another way to do what I love.  Thank you for helping me to not only overcome my fear, but to get better and better.”


“Thank you for a wonderful class, David.  I had heard from several casting directors that I need to be more ‘myself,’ but I never knew exactly what that meant or how to convey what they were looking for.  You taught me that.  By creating a safe, fun and respectful learning environment, you helped us find the best version of ourselves.  You inspired great work and confidence in all of us.  I look forward to not only taking these lessons to my auditions, but to my life.  You rock!”


“I just wanted to take a moment to profoundly thank you for an amazing class. It was a game-changer for me.  Seriously.  I’ve been on a few auditions this week and for the first time I feel grounded.  Instead of thinking, ‘Oh, I hope I do well,’ I now know I WILL do well.  I’m actually having fun auditioning! You’re a very gifted teacher.  Your caring, easy-going, specific approach is a joy to experience.”


“I just wanted to write and say thank you again for being so wonderful!  I have taken so many commercial classes (or so it feels) and none have compared to yours.  I feel ready to go out there and do the best I can with the awesome knowledge I now have supporting me.  You’re the best!  I can’t wait to write you one day and say…I booked the job!”


“In the four weeks after working with you I booked six commercials, two of which were nationals!  Working with you was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. Ever.”


“I’m writing to let you know that I just booked my very first commercial this week!  Taking your class really provided me with the tools and the confidence to excel at all the commercial auditions I’ve gone on over the past few months.  More than anything, you reminded me to always be myself.  What a relief!  Thank you for equipping me with the skills to succeed.”


“I just wanted to thank you very, very much for a truly wonderful class. Your humor, calmness and unequivocal support made it possible to risk and play and actually learn through doing. I feel enormously more comfortable than I did eight weeks ago and I really can’t thank you enough.”


“Just wanted to thank you once more for a really great class, one of the best in my ten years of studying in NYC.  I feel so much more comfortable and confident in all of my auditions, not just for commercials.”


“I really feel fortunate to have taken your class.  Being a teacher for 23 years, I can certainly tell a great teacher when I meet one. I came to your class not sure of my comfort level; I never knew or understood how this commercial world works. The things you went over were so simple. In short, I learned a lot and my confidence grew in a big way. The last time we had a session you turned to me and said, “You can do this.” That meant a lot. Thanks so much for your patience and confidence.”


“I’ve taken several commercial classes, but yours provided such a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere that I was able to stop being self-conscious and have fun on camera. Your teaching was clear, simple and made commercials seem a lot less intimidating. Confidence comes when you know what you’re doing. After taking your class, I can confidently say that I know what I’m doing.”


“Thank you for sharing your insight into commercial auditions, and for picking up on my insistence on being granted “permission,” and clearly bringing it to my attention…Though I’ve never put my finger on it, I always knew that it reoccurred through all of my work (and more). Having awareness of it now is a gift, and I’m grateful…I’ve used your words to reroute my usual thought process…my mind, my actions, and my experience. Every time I’ve felt hesitant to do something in the past few days, I reminded myself that I only needed my own permission to do what I wanted — and as a result, I’ve experienced an influx of positive comments from my teachers and peers.  It blows my mind!  I’m so glad we met.”


“Your class rocked!  I learned more from your first class alone than from the entire run of other classes I’ve taken. You know the industry inside and out and, combined with your great understanding of the actor’s craft, give the most clear, concise, applicable coaching that an actor could ask for. Best of all – your class actually made me like commercial acting! I used to think of it as something an actor did just to make a living, but now I think it’s just plain fun.”


“Thank you for your fantastic class!  The smart, practical tools and insight you shared with us will transform my commercial auditions from now on.  It truly is a ‘breakthrough’ class, and I’ve already started recommending it to my actor friends.  (Hmmm…looks like I just wrote a commercial for your class!)”


“Just wanted to say I learned so much in your class and I totally feel a difference in my work.  I feel so much more confident now than I did before.  And I think confidence is key. You’re a really cool guy.  Why can’t there be more people like you in the business?”


“Thank you for the amazing commercial class…I learned so much about commercials, and about myself as an actor and a person.  Many lessons I will carry beyond the world of commercials and into my everyday life.  I really enjoyed meeting you!”