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Below is the syllabus for my ten week class in commercial auditioning technique.  (When I offer an 8-week class, which I do occasionally, that syllabus skips what are described as weeks 7 & 8 below.) For upcoming dates and pricing, please contact me at


Week 1: The Basics, Part 1
This class will introduce you to general commercial auditioning techniques, as well as offer an overview of the advertising industry.  You’ll work on commercial copy, learning how to read a script in a way that reflects the intentions of the advertisers, and connect to it in a manner personal and specific to you as an individual.

Week 2: The Basics, Part 2
This class continues the foundations begun during week one.  You’ll work on-camera for the first time and learn how to approach and use a cue card.  We’ll continue to explore, among other things, how and why energy, enthusiasm and making the most specific choices possible can make or break your audition.

Week 3: Become the Client
In this class, we’ll watch actual auditions in order to understand the casting process from the client’s point of view.  You’ll see different actors bring their own style and perspective to the same piece of copy, and be asked to “book” your favorite – not always an easy thing to do!  You’ll also begin to see how improvisation can enhance the commercial auditioning process.

Week 4: Improv
A working commercial actor and improviser will come in and give his/her perspective on commercial auditioning, particularly on improvisation and when and how it can be crucial to you standing out from the crowd.  You’ll be taught some basic improvisation exercises, and the class will culminate in you giving an improvised “audition.”

Week 5: Auditioning
This class comes closest to offering both private instruction and simulating the actual audition experience.  We’ll work together one-on-one (rather than in front of the rest of the class), which will allow us to delve deeper into where you are in the learning process, and the specific things you need to work on.

Week 6: Non-verbal Auditions, Part 1

We’ll focus on the basics of how to approach a non-verbal commercial scenario (with a clear beginning, middle and end) when there is no dialogue, and all you have to tell the story is your body language and physicality.

Week 7: Non-verbal Auditions, Part 2

This class continues to explore how you make your choices for non-verbal auditions specific, fun and as creative as possible.

Week 8: One-liners

Often all you’re given in an audition is one line.  Sometimes one word only.  There’s a specific technique to making something out of nothing, and in this class I’ll tell you what that is.

Week 9: Double Duty
This class is devoted to the (often) tricky reality of auditioning with other actors, in this case the other students in the class.  You’ll work on both scripts and non-verbal group auditions, the latter in this case less structured than the scenarios you will approach in week #6.

Week 10: Meet an Agent
An agent from one of New York’s top commercial agencies will come in to answer questions about (and hopefully demystify) the actor/agent relationship, how best to meet and keep in touch with agents, the union/non-union dynamic these days, commercial contracts, what “conflicts” and “first-refusal” means and…well, whatever else you want to know about.   The class will culminate in you reading copy and showing him/her just how awesome a commercial actor you’ve become!