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Below is the syllabus for my 8-week online class in commercial auditioning technique.  Please contact my dear friend and colleague, Peter Pamela Rose of Acting Business Boot Camp, who administers class bookings, at, for upcoming dates and pricing.

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Week 1: The Basics
This class will introduce you to general commercial auditioning techniques, as well as delve into theories of advertising.  We’ll review several pieces of copy, and you’ll learn how to read a script in a way that reflects the intentions of the advertiser, as well as explore the significant differences between commercial and theatrical texts.

Week 2: Copy
This class continues the foundations begun during Week One.  You’ll work on a piece of copy (provided a few days earlier), and learn how to connect to it in a manner personal and specific to you as an individual.  We’ll continue to investigate, among other things, how energy, enthusiasm and making the most specific choices possible can make or break your audition.

Week 3: Improv, Part 1
My friend Lori Hammel, a very successful working commercial actor, will come in and give her perspective on commercial auditioning, with an emphasis on improvisation and how it can help you stand out from the crowd.  She’ll work with the group on some basic exercises to give you all a taste of what improvisation is all about.

Week 4: Improv, Part 2
In this class you’ll apply some of the techniques you learned in Class #4, by “improvising” on both a scripted and a non-scripted scenario (provided to you prior to class).

Week 5: One-liners
This class explores the challenges presented when your commercial script consists of only one line.

Week 6: Double Duty

In this class, students will work together on commercial copy.

Week 7: Self-tapes 
You’ll be provided with a commercial script and a non-verbal scenario, and asked to submit a self-tape for each, prior to class.  During class we’ll watch both, and I’ll provie tips and techniques for sharpening your work.

Week 8: Meet an Agent
An agent from one of New York’s top commercial agencies will Zoom in to answer questions about (and hopefully demystify) the actor/agent relationship: how best to meet and keep in touch with agents, the union/non-union dynamic these days, navigating commercial contracts, what “conflicts” and “first-refusal” mean etc.  They’ll also review a second self-tape that you’ll submit prior to class, as well as critique a live reading of a commercial script.